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Diffusing Animosity at Work
Published By Iqbal Osman on 2012-09-23 127 Views

Conflict and bad feelings towards each other has become a common practice in most employment sectors. Frequent outbursts and gossip, contributes heartily to a very unhealthy and unhappy work environment. Perhaps envy and success go hand in hand. The more one earns the more envious workers become of him or her. Most our lives are spent working. Thus finding ways to diffuse animosity at work is important to keep and stay mentally balanced.

The first point is to keep work issues at work and home issues at home. Try not discussing your personal life, family, achievements, home and other personal matters with people at work. The least they know about you on a personal front, the better for you. This is the first step towards maintaining a professional status at work. Keep them wondering and don’t talk too much about anything that does not concern work.

Learn to mind your own business. Stop meddling in the affairs of others and things that don’t concern you. If a matter does not impact on you directly, stay out of it and focus on your own work.
Try to be as professional as possible. When conflict and animosity reaches unhealthy proportions in the workplace, minimise your social interactions. Company dinners, evening club drinks should be kept to the minimum.

Avoid being dragged into the ugliness of gossip. Run as fast as you can in the opposite direction. Today it is about some unfortunate soul, tomorrow it might just be about you.
Make up your own mind about people you work with. Try not to start off by formulating opinions from the in group about the out group. This will also prevent unnecessary dislike and bad feelings amongst people.

Propagate healthy relationships built on trust and dependency.

Someone must be able to trust you enough. There must be little doubt and fear when interacting with you at work.
Many deadlocks reached at work leave people with only one choice but to up and leave. One should be changing jobs in order to move up the career ladder, not because one has to run away from others.

Some people never change. A gossip monger will always be the way he or she is meant to be. The only trick to escape such a situation, is to break away and keep distant from the likes of these. We cannot change the behavior of others. All we can do adjust ourselves accordingly to create the most amicable atmosphere as possible.

Assess, watch and observe. Keep those at bay who will make your working life miserable. Latch on to those who will help you.



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